About Us


Yoder Naturals strives to offer quality, trustworthy, natural products to our local and larger communities. Yoder Naturals will partner with innovative employees who have a passion for all things natural so that we can produce and provide healthy alternative products for the marketplace. Yoder Naturals commits to treating each customer the way we would like to be treated, and we offer total satisfaction with every transaction.


Yoder Naturals began with the desire to provide natural, healthy products for friends & neighbors. David & Amber started making herbal tinctures in 2007, and the business has grown from there into a self-sustaining operation, providing a healthy workplace environment for employees while offering quality natural goods to the marketplace. Amish heritage is still felt in the atmosphere of simplicity, honesty, and love of natural, down-to-earth products.

Meet Our Team

Each member of our team plays in important role in bringing our products to the table. From the production crew to customer service team, we all work together to create a positive work-place atmosphere while seeking to serve our customers.


The owner of Yoder Naturals, David naturally came by his sense of entrepreneurship as a result of being raised by a family of hard-working Mennonite folks who hailed from the Amish. True to his heritage, David’s business is hallmarked by quality products, mingled with simplicity and authenticity. People are his first priority, as is evidenced by his loyal customer base. He enjoys getting to know his customers, and can always be counted on for a good joke, lame or otherwise.


Research & Development
David’s wife, Amber, grew up in the mountains of WV and has a fierce love of all things natural and herbal. She is a certified clinical aromatherapist and clinical master herbalist, and is the brain behind our company’s product research and development. She puts her natural curiosity about plants to good use in creating new products, and she is a vital part of the continued growth of the company. Besides her love of herbs, she also enjoys music, photography, and breeding & showing Dachshunds.


Operations Manager
Maurice is responsible for keeping all the gears and systems of product production oiled and working. Before coming to Yoder Naturals, his career varied from construction worker to electrician and more. He wears many hats - from product inventory and scheduling production to fixing things that break and making sure we don’t run out of supplies. He also has a certificate from Clemson Cooperative Extension for completing Food Safety Workshop, as well as certification for CFR 111 Training for Dietary Supplement current good manufacturing procedures. He has a wonderful wife, a son and daughter, and the 3 cutest and smartest grandkids in the world (according to Maurice).


Food Safety
Bill was born in Indiana and graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Animal Sciences. He is certified as both a HACCP and Safe Quality Foods (SQF) practitioner and has a total of 39 years in food manufacturing including meats, frozen foods and vegetables, sweet baked goods, pizza, health tonic, and CBD products. Ten years in quality assurance made him a perfect candidate for keeping our facility up to date on current good health manufacturing procedures. In his spare time he enjoys cooking and hanging out with his wife, Linda.


Customer Service
Jessica is native to our state of SC, and we couldn’t be happier that she is on our team! The office benefits greatly from her calm & even demeanor. Jessica has been a barista and a waitress, among other things, but she has found her niche in customer service. She enjoys getting to know our customers and always tries to make their day a little better, and she is passionate about making sure they are happy and satisfied! She loves coffee, puns, cheese, Jesus, and her brand new husband (not all in that order).


Customer Service
Trina was born in Maryland but has found her home in SC. She has held other administrative jobs before landing at Yoder Naturals, as well as a barista job - which means she still loves a good cup of coffee. She enjoys traveling, reading, rainy days, and making candles (there’s a reason she’s called an old soul). Trina is our organizer & 'fixer of all things that aren't working.' Her favorite thing about her job is taking care of customers while increasing her knowledge of natural products - and also getting to laugh at Jessica's puns & David's jokes.


Customer Service
Holly hails from Indiana but has honored the south as home for 15 years now. She is the latest addition to the office team at Yoder Naturals, and she has already established herself as someone who tackles the job at hand with a good attitude and determination. She has a wide variety of interests and enjoys delving into new areas of interest as well. Ask her a question about plants, animals, or making food, and she will either know the answer or do some research and find the answer. She's been a middle school teacher, head cook at a residential home, and too many other things to mention. She enjoys good conversation, memes, and spoiling her cat named Mr. Biscuit. We are glad she's here!